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What’s your totem?

By March 13, 2012 No Comments

Apparently every person in the world has a totem.

If you don’t know what yours is, you can find it out by doing this quiz. I tried, but I got bored, which probably means mine is a goldfish as they have short attention spans too.

Evidently Hartsyard garden is far more spiritual than yours truly. It has a totem that wanders about caring for the bergamot, watching over the bronze fennel and readying the hyssop.

Introducing the Hartsyard totem…

We call him Larry.

According to those in the ‘know’ Larry represents nobility, holiness, guidance and protection.

He does look rather regal doesn’t he?

King Larry, watcher and protector of Hartsyard Garden. He’s not much of a match for Mother Nature unfortunately, but he does keep away the grasshoppers.

Thanks Larry, it’s nice to have you around.