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A dehydrator, a crocodile and a replica Sydney Ferry

By March 19, 2012 No Comments

Currently we live in a very small, but very lovely one bedroom apartment. With three of us living here, you can imagine it’s rather close quarters.

Our living room for example, holds (among other things) my grandfather’s writing desk, the Q corner complete with blackboard, small table and chairs, crocodile xylophone and a replica Sydney Ferry and Gregory’s new dehydrator, currently hard at work turning Miso Paste into dust, in preparation for its place on one of the bar menu items.

Last night the dehydrator had a go at the fennel pollen Gregory salvaged from the drenched urban garden. Gregory clipped the flowers from their stems and placed them in the machine. Twelve hours later, he removed the flowers and bottled the product, ready to be used somewhere in the Hartsyard menu.

Our friend Ashley, (who also designed the space) arrives tomorrow from New York. I wonder which end of the living room she’ll choose to sleep in.

Personally, I’d head for the Q corner and wedge myself between the crocodile and the ferry. The other end might smell nice, but this end has the books. So long as you don’t mind Spot and Dr. Seuss.

Clockwise from top: Taking pride of place in the over-crowded living room; Fennel Pollen from the Hartsyard Garden; It filled the apartment with a delicious aniseed aroma; The finished product.