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Something is going to happen…

By March 20, 2012 No Comments

Once upon a time there was a chef. He worked at a busy New York restaurant and one day he decided to ask the hostess out on a date. She accepted and the dates went so well they decided to get married 18 months later. A year after that, they decided to move back to her homeland, grow their own human and set up a new life in the land down under. They decided that new life would involve a restaurant.

They researched and studied, inspected, shopped around and inspected again until they were happy with the space they had chosen for their new home.

Lawyers were engaged, papers were drawn up…and then nothing happened. And the next day nothing happened. And the day after that each lawyer blamed the other lawyer for nothing happening. And the day after that, the chef and the hostess (now with their builder and designer standing by twiddling their thumbs) really needed something to happen.

That day is today folks, stand by.

Something is going to happen.