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The building of the bar // Part 1

By March 31, 2012 No Comments

What’s a restaurant without a bar?

Not any restaurant Gregory or I would want to eat in that’s for sure.

We’ve always liked to belly up to the bar, sit side by side, chat to the bartender and indulge in the bar menu, which in my opinion is often way more fun than the one offered in the dining room. (Not that that will be the case in our restaurant, they will both be equally fabulous I’m sure).

So in our design brief to Ash (our fantabulous friend and designer) this was always a key feature of the space. (Luckily Ash knew just where we were coming from, as she had been sitting right next to us on many of our bar dining adventures).

It was with great joy and pleasure that Gregory and his merry men demolished the bizarre tiki hut complete with thatched roof and fence post sides the second we took over the space. And then they got busy building the new one… It’s really hard to capture just how magnificently outrageous the bar used to be.

This is where that accuracy thing I was talking about in the previous blog really became important. I believe that is where the coffee machine is going to be. We’re going to use Ed’s Little Marionette Coffee. Not only is he a super helpful guy and so generous with his time and knowledge, but his coffee is also delicious.

You know your builder means business when the sparks start flying. That’s the bar off to the left and my domain (the host stand) is opposite that. I’m not stupid people, it’s deliberately designed to allow for easy access to a glass of red on a rough night.

Day off today.

Gregory took advantage of the extra hour to recover from last night’s compulsory excursion to the Rocks Pubs. He said it was essential he show Ashley our fine harbour bridge and Opera House before she left.

Yeah right.

Big week ahead people, stand by for updates.

Caption: See, you can see the outline of the hut. Awesome; That is the gas metre in the corner. It will be concealed behind a faux cupboard. So clever; That’s Gregory propping up the wall watching the builder do his thing; Look at that. A real life bar. See the special spot for water bottles. Easy access to the carbonation system.