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Building of the bar // Part two

By April 3, 2012 No Comments

After yesterday’s official announcement (not without several last minute hurdles that I won’t refer to for fear of jinxing us again) the HY build-out crew hit it hard again this morning.

While I took our daughter out of the equation with a lengthy trip to the park, the designer, builder, plumber, several assistants and Gregory got stuck in. Happy as a pig in mud

If Gregory hadn’t become a chef he reckons he would have done carpentry. It looks spacious, but there’s a fair amount that has to fit back there…including me, when I head in for a glass of red at the end of a busy night.

Using a wet saw to cut through the cement and tile was rather loud and messy. That’s Tristram the builder in his safety shirt. It is good we can always find him, because he (and Ash the designer) are the true brains behind this operation.

Look at that precision cutting. And look at those fine builder’s legs. Slightly off topic, but lets face it, a hole in some cement is hardly show-stopping stuff.

Plumbing is happening as I speak and then we begin to install…


For the fourth year running,
we present

at Hartsyard

$75 per person, plus drinks

Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 of November,
4 courses including snacks, entrees, main with sides and dessert.
Grab the people you’re thankful for and join us.
All parties will have a 2 hour duration.
Dietary requirements are not able to be accommodated for this special menu.
Beverages are charged upon consumption.

Book now and view sample menu here.