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The Hartsyard garden has a makeover

By April 14, 2012 No Comments

After the great wet of 2012, the poor Hartsyard garden just about completely drowned. The only things that survived were the fennel plants (those things grow like weeds), squash (grew so big it looked like Day of the Triffids in their corner) and our daughter’s strawberries. Which is just as well, because she’s a bandit for them. Even green and half eaten with bugs.

So, we turned the beds, gave them a bit of a chance to breathe, and this week we began planting again.

We are – we hope – five weeks from opening – (yikes! it’s scary to see that in print) so it had become somewhat essential we get things into the ground, otherwise it will be rather difficult to feed our guests.

Ok I lied. The borage survived too. (This is a flattering photo. She doesn’t usually look this good).

Harvesting fennel seeds so we can plant more. (I suggested we just walk down to the nearest railway line because they seem to grow in abundance there, but apparently that’s not the way to do things).

Pineapple Sage. Delicious. Sweet and savoury. Don’t know what Gregory intends to do with it, but his girls like it.

We planted radishes, rutabaga, silverbeet, sweeds, crimson fava beans, golden beetroot, rhubarb and a whole stack of fancy named herbs.

Now it’s up to Mother Nature.

Rain we need. Torrential downpours we don’t.