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Now that’s some really great wood

By April 17, 2012 No Comments

I mentioned previously our very good fortune in obtaining timber we couldn’t ever have afforded in our wildest imaginations. All for a bottle of Wild Turkey.

So Gregory and Tris (our fantastic builder) set about turning these discarded planks of wood into our shelving, banquette and my diva host stand. I am going to have a sign saying; ‘NO CHEFS ALLOWED’.

The black painted area will be covered with slats of blackened wood and we’ll use the plumbing piping to hang my light and menus from. That Ash, she’s so clever.

When we lived in LA, Gregory and I helped open a new restaurant that had four lovely booths. Four and only four.

And every Saturday night at 7.30pm I would have at least 9 parties vying for those booths which had been sat at 6.30 and weren’t going to be up for another hour yet anyway.

‘I want that booth there,’ one of the botoxed millions would say to me, her cat eyes unflinching in their determination.

‘I’m afraid that party is only on appetisers ma’am,’ I would say, ‘they won’t be up for at least another hour.’

‘But I want it.’

‘You’re more than welcome to have it when it becomes available at 8.30,’ I would say calmly.

‘But I want it now,’ she would say as if this was a perfectly reasonable request.

And so it would go until all 9 parties were unhappily sat at other tables, requesting to speak to a manager (me) about dispensation for their terrible service.

(I’ve got plenty more hospitality stories from that frontier, but I’ll save those for a rainy-er day).

But I did understand their wish. Who doesn’t love a booth? A private, cosy, special place where you’re a part of all the action, but unaffected by others.

Well, booths wouldn’t quite suit our layout so we’ve gone for something in between, something where you are still part of the action…a banquette.

Built entirely with salvaged wood with the back to be upholstered in a lovely hemp fabric Ash and I sourced from Cloth Fabric, a store in Surry Hills. (And by Ash and I, I really mean Ash. I think I went and got coffees. There was a lot to choose from. I got overwhelmed).

Now those are some fine legs. They’ll hold the lovely banquette up, a rather important feature.

All reports from the worksite are that today has been a high-productivity day. I’d love to report the same on my end but that’s a little tricky with a 16 month old and torrential rain.

We’re off to make choc-chip cookies for the workers. That should kill an hour.

Stay dry people.