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Lost in translation

By May 1, 2012 No Comments

When Ash suggested we use plumbers pipe to build our shelves we all jumped at the idea. It was fun, brought the ‘industrial’ feel to our homestead, and was within budget.

In fact, in the US, this is a radically cheap option. You just place the order, assemble the pieces and whack them into the wall.

Here, it is a little…well, unusual. Our plumber nearly got a guy fired, because his boss didn’t believe the 2000 flanges (no that’s not a dessert) he ordered could be a legitimate order.

That’s right, 2000. And each one of them had to be soaked in turps, rinsed in water and dried. Because in the US they come in black, but here they come in silver, so we had to prepare them to be powder coated so it doesn’t look like we stuck a giant set of braces on the wall.

And that is my father and there he is slaving away, individually soaking each piece of pipe. It took him hours. Hour upon hour upon hour.

If it had been me, I would have cheated and blamed the powder coater.

I did feed him dinner that night, but I doubt the crock pot surprise went any way to dulling the sting of turps that had soaked into the tiny cuts on his hands he’d received from the task before we even gave him the gloves.

Then the boys assembled the pieces according to the map Ash had drawn them. That way, they get powder coated in sets rather than individually which would definitely blow out the budget.

They reckon it was really tough to assemble the pieces. I think they were just showing each other their muscles. And finding an excuse to stand closer together.

This is what it looks like in the US.

We shall know this week what it looks like in Australia.

Now is not the time for something to get lost in translation…