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Hard yards at Hartsyard

By May 6, 2012 No Comments

What would you do on a Saturday night when you’re running two weeks late in opening and you’ve only got a day and a half left with your builder?

Host a 50th for your aunt with 40 of her closest friends and family that’s what.

No. I’m not kidding.

Somehow, between the hours of 6am yesterday morning and 6.30pm yesterday evening, we managed to get HY to a state fit for a cocktail party. A cocktail party? Sounds fancy you say.

Yes, well, she didn’t have a choice. It had to be a cocktail party, the chairs haven’t arrived yet. (Don’t get me started on that, I’ll save that topic for another day).

There I am in my high heels scrubbing the latrine. I know, I’m very glamorous.

The decorations were a little lame. My fault, but my brain was starting to bleed out my ears. So I went to the local party shop and got two massive helium balloons, a 5 and a 0.

A 5 and  0 for a 50th birthday party. Do you see what I did there?

I know chefs in baseball caps have a bit of a name, but to be fair, he is legitimately American. And he’s still in the same clothes he was helping the builder in that day.

There’s the birthday girl cutting the totally ridiculous incredibly fantastic birthday cake, a gift care of uber talented, sneaker obsessed Andrew Bowden.

Andrew sent me a picture and it finished at the layer of toasted marshmallow. Then he added another two levels. Of course, because it was definitely missing something.

Those sorts of pouring skills will not get you a job at HY brother. Minor issue with the gas I believe, nothing to be alarmed about.

I think the last photo of the two of us together is from our wedding.

We are pleased to report, that on a dry-run in a kitchen with no plumbing, using the builder’s spot for lighting, dodging paint buckets to get to the toilet and a slight coating of sawdust over all the surfaces, the HY space is working just as we’d hoped.

Bring on the opening…