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Email is activated, reservations are most welcomed!

By May 14, 2012 No Comments

The Management crew started today – THANK HEAVENS – and HY was a veritable hive of activity today.

There’s Cassie, our FOH manager, buried behind sundry bar items we dumped on the bar. It was such a relief to have her start work, and I was so excited I spent most of Sunday night compiling a ‘to-do’ list full of all the jobs I hadn’t made it to yet.

Boring things like OH&S, inventory of cleaning supplies, counting forks and calling people’s super funds. There’s a job that will kill you slowly.

That’s Andrew and Song hard at work scrubbing the kitchen. Although, I’m going to out Andy here and tell you that he only picked up the mop for the photo. Prior to that he was debating with me about aprons. He is worried they’re not going to match his sneakers.

Gregory was not, is not, nor ever will be a member of the United States Marine Core. I don’t think he’s quite their type. His buddy is though, and he gave him that shirt when we did our road trip across the country before moving to Australia.

A road trip that involved a lot of gin and duck fat, I think lard replaced the blood in my veins. Three months later, when we finally got to Gregory’s parents holiday house in Florida, Gregory was so inflated, his mother put him on an apple diet and he lost 14 kilos in 10 days. Horrendous.

At first I thought those pieces of string seemed utterly ridiculous, but Gregory used them to hold on the silicon while it dried. It’s the same principal as meat glue in a kitchen I suppose. Ulrik, who we bought the space from, used this block to serve his roasts on. Gregory evened it out and it’s going to serve as our pass in the gap between the kitchen and the dining room.

There’s still much to do, but tomorrow I’ll be sure to waste some time by asking a company why I can express ship 15 aprons here from the US for $100 less than it would cost me to pick them up from their store…in Erskineville.

One would think I have bigger fish to fry – and I do – but for some reason I can’t let this go. It doesn’t make any sense.

But I tell you what does make sense now…the emailing system.

That’s right, I finally worked out (oh alright, with a little help from our very patient friend who is building the website) how to get the emails up and running.

So feel free to pepper us with questions, comments or RESERVATIONS!!

Hartsyard will be open for business SATURDAY 26 MAY, 5.30 pm till late.

We’ll start off with dinners only, Wednesday – Sunday, from 5.30 onwards and will introduce weekend brunch in a couple of weeks.

Really looking forward to serving you folks, have a great week!

e: hello@hartsyard.com.au