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On a slow boat to China

By May 16, 2012 No Comments

Do you know that song. Liza does a great version of it.

I’d love to get you on a slow boat to china,
All to myself all alone.

It’s a beautiful song, but I think it has been ruined for me, because it makes me think of how our chairs and bar stools are on a slow boatfrom China, and won’t be here until a week after we open. That is correct. A week after we open.

What to do.

Do you delay opening…again and incur further costs? Do you hire chairs at more than the cost of purchasing them outright?

Or do you send out an SOS email to family and friends asking them if they have a chair or two they’d be happy to lend a little restaurant in Enmore.

The response was incredible, everybody has a chair or two they’d be willing to do without for a week it seems. And you’d be amazed at just what types of chairs they are…


Like this wicker toilet. Doesn’t every house have one of them. Unfortunately this little gem is also in Western Australia, which is almost as far as China, so not our first choice.

The chess set chairs. A Knight perhaps, or maybe a Castle. Possibly a little too grand for our dining room and not as comfortable as it looks.

Love a retro chair. Lime green no less. And these live in a little house just around the corner from us, so my friend can wander up with a chair under each arm.

Bentwood Thonet Chair. How many kids born in the late 70′s grew up eating their weetbix on chairs such as these. Whoever came up with that design would have their own private super yacht, no slow boat to china for them.

Slightly oversize for a dining room, and my friend would no doubt miss her favourite sunning spot, but in the current vogue colour apparently – lime green.

Another Australian classic. Seen in most grandparent’s houses usually close by a teacosy and a couple of choice lace doilies.

Might not look like much to you, but I remember this chair in the house of one of my dearest childhood friends. Retro classic these days I’m sure, but for me it’s full of beautiful memories of our young years in the country.

Slightly impractical for an urban homestead inner city restaurant though, so i’ll let her keep it, in all its ripped-cushioned glory.

Yes, I am aware it is slightly unorthodox to invite people to your soft opening and ask them to bring their own chair, but with so many factors to consider, believe it or not, this solution was actually the path of least resistance. So, if you’re joining us in those first few days and wonder why you’re sitting on a moth-eaten spongy, high-backed uncomfortable chair, now you know.

I’d best be off, it’s time I finished climbing the great Mount Washmore. Ash lands from NYC tomorrow morning, and the patch of floor space designated to her bed is currently covered in a delightful combination of our daughter’s toys and Gregory’s mismatched socks.

At least we didn’t ask her to bring her own mattress.

Reservations now being taken at hello@hartsyard.com.au or 02 8068 1473.