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HY Greenhouse

By May 20, 2012 No Comments

The greenhouse out the back of the restaurant was a fantastic way to further the feel of our ‘urban homestead’ by bringing some of the HY garden into the space.

It’s not a concept that came to us recently.

When Gregory was a kid, he remembers spending every Saturday morning weeding the mammoth vegetable garden in his family backyard.

No cartoons till you’ve done your share. That was the rule, and he and his siblings hated it.

Funny then, that one of the first things Gregory did when he got to Sydney was find himself a suitable plot to start his very own.

Unlike the garden of Gregory’s youth, (which grew staples to help fill the bellies of he and his 6 brothers and sisters) the HY garden grows harder to source items such as pineapple sage, chocolate mint and mini heirloom radishes.

The greenhouse supplies the more delicate herbs, which among other things, make our herbal tea. Cut to order, steeped and served. Perfect.