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Every restaurant needs a mighty big c*#k!

By June 5, 2012 No Comments

Gregory got his first tattoo when he was 15. ‘Permanent sign of temporary madness’ said his mother.

Of course it was the first of many, and there would no doubt have been many more over the last couple of years if I hadn’t pointed out we were saving first to move to Australia, then for the human we’d created and then for the restaurant.

I know, I’m so boring. Fancy prioritising such trivial matters over important things like body art.

I have no problem if he gets more tattoos as I’ve no doubt his next one will be a massive red love heart that says Naomi and Quinn 4EVA.

After he’s paid homage to his two favourite girls though, I know he’s always wanted to decorate his art-free arm with various farmyard animals to compliment the vegetables and bike riding crustaceans on his other arm.

Oddly enough time and money aren’t quite in large supply at the moment, so the charismatic and ever-in-touch Mike Bennie saved the day.

Turns out Mike (who is friends with everyone so I really don’t know why I’m surprised) is good mates with Jezz, one of Sydney’s premier graffiti artists. If you can’t graffiti your arms, the next best option is surely graffiti-ing your restaurant.

Jezz, of course, is also a local, so he wanders in, adds to his creation and wanders out again. I think Gregory would be quite happy if he never actually completes his piece, so he can always hope to see him again…

Super lovely. Super humble. Super talented.

Whether or not this giant turnip satisfies Gregory’s craving to cover his arm in vegetables remains to be seen.

Suddenly your converted garage toilet area has become an urban-chic, indoor greenhouse with blackboard paint on the toilet doors for staff and guests to add their own creations.

And of course, the piece de resistance…a giant rooster.

Because every restaurant needs a big cock on the wall.

Jezz can be contacted on percymumbles at gmail dot com.