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By June 9, 2012 No Comments

It’s a long weekend.

Who knew?

My parents did evidently, and they’ve chooffed off to the south coast jazz festival with friends.

Fine, except that they’re our chief babysitters, and their seconds (one brother and his lovely lady) are also taking advantage of the Queen’s birthday, leaving us to rope in friends to look after Q while we seat and serve the people.

Two are nurses which I figured was a good start, and one is my oldest friend who said her primary goal was to make sure Q didn’t catch on fire. Which, in the scheme of things, isn’t a bad aspiration to have.

Things have been a tad hectic around here; ‘finishing touches’ remain untouched (we have hooks to put up under the bar for people to hang their bags and coats, which will allow me to bring the coatrack back home and hang up our coats which are currently lying in a big pile on the floor), we’ve found ourselves needing a couple more staff and the reviewers have been wandering in, always under another name and right on the nose of their reservation time.

Most of them I’ve recognised, but I’ve been saved a few times by our lovely locals who whisper in my ear or write me notes saying; ‘Naomi, you know who that is don’t you? Take good care of them.’

Thank you peeps, but hopefully we’re taking good care of you all!

I feel very comfortable back in hospitality land, and have re-embraced the pre-shift shot with regular abandon in a desperate bid to combat the fatigue of trying to open a restaurant while still being a full-time mum.

It’s amazing what a shot of good tequila can do.

Guy, a local who wandered in on opening night, turned out to be an architectural photographer and has taken some fantastic shots of the space.

Really, Gregory and I can’t take any credit for the space at all, apart from having fantastically talented friends. The design was done by our dear friend Ashley Couch, based in NYC, but very happy to travel if you offer her a corner of your living room and a mattress, and maybe even a blanket or two.

Our urban homestead. Welcoming and warm. Just what we wanted, just what we got, and just what our guests seem to be liking so far as well.

Happy Queen’s birthday people, enjoy the weekend and travel safely.