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By June 20, 2012 7 Comments

I haven’t slept since 1982.

At least, that’s what it feels like.

And the bags under my eyes would give testament to the fact. I look like I’ve gone a few rounds in the ring with Tyson. My defence? A Drag Queen amount of eyeshadow and extreme dimming of the lights.

Meanwhile Gregory looks like he hasn’t shaved since 1982, or more accurately since we opened, which was 4 weeks ago now. Woo hoo, happy 28 days to us.

Now I’ll concede, standards did drop a bit on the home front, and I’m going to be very honest with you here, and admit that I might not have shaved my legs for a night or two during those first hectic weeks, but I bought myself a razor and have since rectified that situation while Gregory has not.

He looks like Forrest Gump. But slightly more ridiculous as his beard is an odd mix of red and brown on the sides and grey in the front. Like an old fox.

Andy and Sung are holding strong in the kitchens, Andy’s adding a new dessert tonight which meant Cassie (our manager-slash-lifesaver) and I got to scoff the rest of the Key Lime Pie that was being removed from the menu.

Now don’t send me abusive emails about its removal people. Andy has his reasons, and I’m sure it will make a retro visit someday soon.

Cassie escaped the state for our days off perhaps so there was absolutely no way she could come in to work, and our waiters probably went out and got waited on for a change.

George is holding strong at the front desk, his eyepatch by Bel sitting just right.

Dave the electrician was in to fix the droopy penis light at the host stand, and the tradie doing work upstairs kindly installed hooks at the bar.

That’s right folks. You can now keep your coat and bag with you whilst joining us at the bar, by hanging your belongings on a specially installed hook. I’ve had them since the opening, we just ran out of time, terrible shame they’ve been hung after all the reviewers have been…

We’ve discovered the hard way that such a small dining room cannot accommodate bookings larger than 6 and have decided to keep to our original concept that the bar and bar tables are walk-ins only, no reservations taken. This is because back when Gregory and I used to go out, this was how we dined. Late night, last minute, no reservations. We bet there are people similarly impromptu and don’t want their only dining option to be the Oportos up the road.

Gregory will continue to drive front of house mad by changing the menu, expect another duck dish and a new vegetarian option sometime this week, but I can’t promise you he’ll shave.

People in the biz have advised us to outsource what we can, and I’m all about it, I’m just wondering who would like to take the midnight to 3am shift with our 18 month old daughter, who considers that a perfect time to pack her bag and go shopping for strawberries.

Thanks for an incredible 4 weeks people, your support and encouragement have truly been overwhelming.

And a huge thank you to the Hartsyard team, all of whom are both fun and fantastic.

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  • Miss Piggy says:

    I’m bummed about the key lime pie…I was REALLY wanting to try it as I’ve never had it before. Oh well, guess that means I’ll have to plan a trip to the old US of A. Hope to be coming in for dinner in abotu 2 weeks.

  • Hartsyard says:

    Oh no! I knew it would upset some people. He’s replacing it with a very US style dish, perhaps that will suffice… Really looking forward to meeting you, Naomi

  • Lucas @CoverVersions.Tv says:

    Perhaps some sort of electric razor station that he can run his face through on the way out the door? Like. Car wash, but with spinning blades. Hmm. Drawing board may be required.


  • Ben says:

    Came in tonight and sat at the bar – great food and very friendly service, psyched to see such a great new addition to Enmore Road. We’ll be back very soon!

  • Sheena says:

    Yay vegetarian!! 🙂 You’ve all done brilliantly… and besides no one can see your legs 😉