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By July 4, 2012 2 Comments

Behind every great man is an even greater woman. So the saying goes.

Dunno if Gregory is a great man or not, but I’ll take credit for being the greater woman behind him. Why not? I could list the household chores I do above and beyond what he does to keep the home fires burning, (do you sense the superiority in my tone good folk? A superiority felt by any woman anywhere in the world who has shacked up with a man, because we women are…well, I can see I’m about to get waaaaaaaay off track and possibly start a cyber-war with my ‘women can multi-task, why can’t men even hang up their wet towel’ rant.

It bemuses me that Gregory can’t multi-task. He is a chef. When we met in New York, he somehow managed to expedite over 350 meals on a Saturday night, each one of them perfectly timed with every other dish ordered on the table. How do chef’s do it? I can’t even begin to imagine.

But I do know he doesn’t do it alone. Standing alongside Gregory and Andrew is their Sous Chef, Sung Yeol Son, a veritable machine in the kitchen, picking up orders the second Gregory fires them, overseeing a huge section of the menu and working perfectly in sync with the other two, so their kitchen runs in happiness and harmony.

Except for Friday night when we got so busy we ran out of half the menu, the dishwasher exploded halfway through service and Gregory knocked Andrew’s mum’s birthday cake onto the floor. The server and I just stood there and gaped, then watched in silence as each one of the chefs exited the kitchen for a few minutes of deep breathing in the back lane. Tense times folks…

Mostly though, you’ll find those three joking, swearing and playing music too loud as they bake, mix, boil and create. Gregory gets his name in lights a fair bit of the time, it being his restaurant and all, and Andy has found notoriety with his Jenny Craig destroying Sundae and in-house bread baking, but Sung remains the unsung hero.

So I thought I’d sing his praises here. Loudly and in the key of ‘grateful’.

Thanks Sung, everyone knows we couldn’t do it without you.

He moves so fast it was hard to get a clear shot.

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