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By July 27, 2012 4 Comments

What’s going on today?

This morning I started confirming reservations at the butt-craack of dawn because our daughter seemed to think that was a good time to start the day.

If you walked past the restaurant as dawn was breaking, yes that was me in my dressing gown and yes that was our daughter in her pj’s. We were making coffee and special milk. (Special milk is a baby cappuccino without the marshmallow or the chocolate). This is one of the benefits of living close to your restaurant.

So there we were, playing blocks, drinking special milk and confirming reservations. Or I was trying to, but everyone was cancelling. No joke. I have had 6 parties cancel tonight. And not the first seating either. Those people are all set to dine hard and fast with us before rocking it to Lana Del Ray at The Enmore.

No, the cancellations are all for the prime time slots. 730, 8, 830.

Maybe they’re worried they won’t get a park. That’s probably true, but you can never get a park around this joint. We’ve had guests suggest we start a valet service like they have in LA. Great idea, but we’d have to have about 30 people hired just to drive your cars around while you dined as I doubt they’d find spots either.

So for the three of you still booked to come tonight, the lobster roll is still on the menu, as is the cheese fondue. A good bottle of red, an extra serve of house-made bread and a good flick on the tv and I’d be in heaven…anyone want to work my shift tonight???

In unrelated news I bought a beanbag today, because our babysitters have nothing to sit on as our fat couch didn’t fit through our skinny apartment doors.

Beanbags don’t come assembled. It appears that you buy the casing and the beans separately and it’s up to you to fill the former with the latter. In a plugged-up bathtub as the packaging suggests. Fine, except we don’t have a bathtub. Our daughter baths in one of those blue plastic shells that just fits at the bottom of the shower. Ghetto I realise, but she doesn’t know.

So i’m going to leave the assembling of the beanbag for another time, and preferably another person. The last thing I need today is 100 litres worth of beans flying around the apartment.

That would be more frustrating than chasing reservations.

Happy Friday people, enjoy your weekend.



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  • Rosalie says:

    We’d be back there again tonight, to take one of the cancellations, if it wasn’t for the fact I enjoyed the fabulous lobster roll last night!

  • Zobo says:

    Love you. What are those people thinking, cancelling?? And yes, the beanbag filling is definitely a 2-person job! Hope the rest of the day is better my love xoxo

  • Bradley says:

    What, you have cheese fondue now? If only those cancellers knew what they were missing.

  • John says:

    Bastards, I hope you have a good memory.