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By December 20, 2012 No Comments

It’s our last week of service for 2012!!!

6 months after we opened, we’re taking a break and the little Hartsyard machine is going to have a rest for a couple of weeks.

Which is a good thing because everything around here is on the fritz.

Including me.

Especially me.

The computer system keeps blowing up, forcing us to print dockets from the kitchen, hand write bar orders and stamp every bill before the guest sees it.

The glasswasher in the bar is moodier than our two-year-old daughter, so the bartenders spend the evening coaxing, cajoling and finally over-riding the stupid thing before it floods the bar and then the restaurant.

There are times I wish I could override our daughter…

Tonight, as I was wrangling our small human while trying to print off more gift certificates, the ink in both printers ran out, so I had to reformat, print off and hand stamp them, all while a poor customer was waiting patiently for me to get my act together so she could get her gift and get on her way.

The cool room is on its last legs, which is fine as we’re getting it replaced in the new year, but if it doesn’t last the next couple of days, 2012 will finish with a real fizz. And a lot of lukewarm milk.

The upside to that scenario being that the coffee machine got fixed so at least we could make you coffee.

Cassie is running down the wine and beer (I don’t doubt that what’s left, the staff will obligingly drink whilst cleaning after service on Saturday night), Gregory is running his inventory list to the wire and I am very much looking forward to a two week sabbatical from washing the napkins and the aprons.

Ohhhh, just seeing that in print makes my heart sing.

Back in his homeland, Gregory opened 14 restaurants for various people in Connecticut and New York, so he had a fair idea of what we were in for. But honestly, these first six months have been wilder, crazier, sleepier, exciting-er, tenser, weirder and funner than even he could ever have imagined.

To our staff – Andrew, Sung, Phill, Hendra, Buti, Martin, Goh, Cassie, Mads, Mick, Dan, Sunaina, Amy, Mark and Rhys, thank you. For your belief in us, for your commitment, for your skill and your enthusiasm.

To our family and friends who help us in so many ways, thank you. For the emergency bar shifts, the q-sitting, the business advice, the home-cooked meals, the support texts, the admin assistance, the laundry folding and the love, you can’t know how much easier you’ve made things for us.

And to you, our guests. Thanks for wandering in out of curiosity, and to many of you, thank you for coming back time and time again! Thanks for embracing Gregory’s menu, and relaxing in our little urban homestead. Not blowing smoke up your bottoms folks, but we all comment frequently on just how lovely our guests are. It is our true pleasure to serve you.

So, to our staff, please enjoy your time off. Relax, rejuvenate and rejoice in having no knives to polish or radishes to prep.

To our guests, I hope you’re all catching a break too.

And to you all, we wish you a wonderful christmas holiday. May it be filled with cold seafood, long walks on the beach, friends, family and much fun and laughter.

May 2013 bring you peace, health and happiness and we look forward to serving you again in the new year.

Happy holidays, Gregory, Naomi and the Hartsyard Team!