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By January 10, 2013 No Comments

Happy new year good folk!

I do hope y’all managed a break, a bit of a swim and several glasses of champagne.

The Hartsyard team managed to fill their time off with a variety of activities including spear fishing, regular fishing (slightly less energetic and somewhat safer one imagines), movie watching (us girls escaped Tuesday’s heat with an evening viewing of Les Mis. Now answer me honestly people, is there anyone out there who wouldn’t leave their fella if Hugh Jackman came a knocking???) beach visits, some lazy exercising, yachting (that was Cassie, our GM, she’s the sophisticate in the group) book reading and crashing their grandmother’s mobility scooter into their mother’s car. Alcohol does the darndest things to people doesn’t it?

We regrouped again this Monday, kicking off the week with Gregory’s 35th. You’d think this would be the one occasion of the year that a chef wouldn’t have to cook, but it was also the only date we could find to do a photo shoot with Sydney Magazine, so cook he did. A fabulous souther American bbq that you’ll be able to read about in the March issue I believe.

Tuesday was another photo shoot, this time for industry mag Food Service, but I can’t tell you anything about that because our apartment, directly above a restaurant smoking and roasting kilos of meats, was not the ideal location for a two-year old during one of the hottest days on record, so Q and I got out of dodge and went to my parents who are fancy and have air-conditioning.

Wednesday night was a party for some dear friends, friends I grew up with who also played significant roles in getting the doors to Hartsyard open. They reckon we did them a favour in hosting, but without them, there wouldn’t have been anywhere to host in.

Today my dad took us through an on-site which you can read more about here, but in essence he guided us all through the business so we could look at our strengths and weaknesses and strategise for 2013. Gregory, Cassie and I were slightly nervous to start – felt a bit like we were standing in front of the staff with our pants down – but  it was the best thing we could have done. We’ve got some excellent people working with us I tell you, and with excellent ideas. 2013 already looks less daunting!

So come 530 tomorrow, we’ll be ready to throw open our doors and welcome in our first guests of the new year. There will be a stack of new dishes to try – 3 seed, 3 feed and 3 desserts (don’t worry, the fried chicken and the sundae haven’t gone anywhere), a new wine list (haven’t sampled all of Cassie’s selection yet, but I promise to work hard to complete that very important duty) and new uniforms. Actually that last bit is a lie. But they’re coming sometime before Easter I promise.

As usual reservations can be made online, or we’d love to have you in the bar area which remains unreserved seating.

Looking forward to serving you sometime in 2013,

Naomi and the Hartsyard team