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By February 12, 2014 One Comment

It’s a well-known fact that hospitality folk are not known for a life of moderation. We work long hours, at stupid times of the day and night, we have dreadful eating habits and worse drinking ones, and we do things with intensity and passion, usually in a situation of high adrenalin.

I would like to nominate my husband, Gregory Llewellyn, as one of the worst suffers of this malady.

He is a health and fitness person’s worst nightmare. Or greatest dream, depending on their perspective. He starts the day with coffee. A beverage he continues throughout the day, separated sometimes by a few red bulls and maybe a coke. At around 4 he’ll have himself a bit of staff meal, a beer (or a few) usually signals the near end of service and then he wanders in the front door sometime after midnight often having stopped at McDonalds on his way home. This is only if he’s in a taxi, as he takes them via the one on Parramatta Road. If he’s actually ridden the really expensive bike he got in a bid to cycle his way to health and impressive calves, he storms in the door, declares himself starving and orders two pizzas and a side of garlic bread.

Thank heavens he’s quit smoking again…right Llewellyn???

Gregory has been cooking since he was 15. He is now 36. I fear these patterns are like the tattoos on his arms – old and entrenched. He tried to change them once, by going on an apple only diet just before we moved to Australia. It’s true, he did lose a significant amount of weight. But it wasn’t pretty. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

So, Team Llewellyn/Hart made a pact. 2014 would be the year of small, sustainable changes. You’re not allowed to make radical changes. Just small ones. Ones you can maintain. Feel free to join in if you like. The rest of the Hartsyard Team have.

And that is how they came to all be doing group training with Kris Mount from Vision Personal Training in Stanmore. It’s not everyone on staff, as some had other commitments, or in my case, gave up their spot to others more deserving. Yes, in a move of true martyrdom and despite me being the member of Team Llewellyn/Hart who actually enjoys exercise, I stay home with the girls while G sweats it out with both back and front of house.

It’s good to have a reason to exercise. And since there was a general fear that they might all vomit from their efforts, I’m really glad they did. There were a few different motivations floating about…

  • to fit into my suit for a wedding in September
  • to beat Maddy
  • to impress my girlfriend
  • to find some muscles
  • to help me quit smoking

All valid and strong enough to get them through their first session this past Saturday morn.

‘He made us do burpees on bindies and cut glass,’ declares Gregory as he sweats in the front door.

“I think I’m dead,’ said Mark.

‘The only good thing about it was the tan I got on my arms,’ says Mads.

Sunga refuses to comment, Gabby backs Gregory up on his torture claims and also wanted me to mention the extreme heat they were forced to endure.

It’s a twice a week, four week program, at the end of which they will be reweighed, the winner receiving a further 4 week program from trainer and manager, Kris. At this point you wonder if they’re all going to self-sabotage…

But they won’t. I know it. They’re a competitive bunch and Andy has already begun some underhanded play by plating pineapple donuts after last Friday’s service. When does he ever plate desserts mid week? Never!

I can’t place a bet, I know too much. That’d be insider trading, just like Martha Stewart. But you guys can. Let me know your thoughts…perhaps you could win a piece of the weekend pie.

Ah, irony. A dish best served with a scoop of house made ice cream.




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