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By February 20, 2014 One Comment

It’s not a new term. And it’s certainly not the only profession that leaves the partner solo for extended periods of time. Theatre nurses, surgeons, deep sea fisherpeople, models, movie stars, emergency plumbers…all these people would also be away from their homes for long and unplanned periods of time. The trouble is, they always have an excellent reason for doing so. The model is offered $500 an hour. Who could say no to that? The surgeon and nurse are saving someone’s life. You look like a real arsehole if you whinge to your partner that they missed bath time again over that one. Movie stars are busy being famous, emergency plumbers are stopping toilets from flooding entire houses and chefs are dealing with whatever latest catastrophe has befallen their tiny restaurant. On Tuesday it was the new dishwasher being fitted in the bar. On Monday (our Saturday and Sunday rolled into one) Gregory was busy serving the down and out at this year’s CEO Cookoff for OZHarvest. Complaining about that one would be almost as bad as complaining about the medicos.






Gregory had a fabulous time chatting with the movers and shakers of Ol’ Sydney Town and sharing a tent with his fellow chef comrades, a rare opportunity for them to chew the fat at hours more decent than after service on a Saturday night. The guests seemed to appreciate his burger and so far, over a million dollars in funds have been raised. I’d be a real curmudgeon to complain about that!






Then there’s the staff training he and the other staff are partaking in twice a week in an effort to counteract some of their poor hospitality behaviour.

‘Are you even attempting to change your eating habits at all?’ I said to Gregory as I watched him make two fried egg and bacon sandwiches late the other night.

‘Sweets, I am two months without a cigarette. That is all I can manage at the moment.’

Gotta give it to him. I like a lot of things and I need my exercise probably like he needs a cigarette. But I have no idea what it’s like to struggle every single day resisting something you know is really bad for you.

Props to you Llewellyn. Fry your food to your heart’s content. Pardon the pun.

photo 2








They’re enjoying the training. I think. There’s a general murmur about that it might just kill them, but their sense of rivalry should carry them through. The rest of them are slightly more concerned about their diets, but they all fell prey to Andy’s underhanded behaviour last Sunday night when he plated these treats as temptation…

photo 3








What else has been going on?

Oh yeah, Rootstock. A wonderful collection of clever and interesting wine and food folk, gathering together to talk about their passions. I had a delightful conversation with the grandmother of one of Q’s ballet buddies yesterday who had been to a ‘lovely little festival called Rootstock and had a marvelous time.’

Thankfully that’s it for us and events for a while. As always, Gregory has a million ideas in his head which he usually gives breath to at two o’clock in the morning. The menu is ever changing, new uniforms are on their way, the bar is getting some additions and the hot sauce is finally up on the shelves for sale.











But never fear, we’re closing over Easter. An excellent opportunity for us to go away and have some time together I hear you say. Well yes, that’s the idea. But we’re also planning a bit of an Easter Makeover, fixing a few things and making some things new as we head into our second year of service.

I was about to sign off as I had a strategy meeting slated for 11 with my beloved. But he just called to say the power had been cut off at the restaurant. Small problem requiring an immediate solution.

Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.



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