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The Good Food Guide Awards, Weddings and Seamless Socks for Toddlers.

By August 27, 2014 2 Comments

Recently my mother has been doing a spot of family history. (I know that stuff is meant to be fulfilling and provide you with a sense of place and purpose, but once it goes beyond a relative that any living relative can actually tell you anything about, I tend to lose interest). I pretend to be interested, but I couldn’t pretend convincingly enough when my mother sent me a picture of an ancient relative weirdly propped up on a massive chair.

‘Look at this!’ she exclaimed in her email. She does not use exclamation points lightly.

What am I looking at? I replied.

‘The address! Look at the address!’

Two exclamation points. This must be good.

And it was. This person who lived long, long ago to whom I am somehow connected, had their photo taken at Bas-Relief Photo Company on 33 Enmore Road, Newtown. Now the location of Hartsyard.

Well whatdya know.


I like little occasions like that. Little happenstances that put a skip in your step and make you feel like the universe has just given you a little nod of support.

I also like occasions like the Good Food Guide Awards which we are absolutely thrilled to be invited to again this year. Unfortunately, it’s three days after we head to Ireland where my brother is marrying his fiancé and I am bridesmaid. And while we did consider changing our flights, I’m pretty sure that in the fine print of the Bridesmaid’s Manual, it says that if you turn up two days before your brother’s wedding with a jet lagged toddler and a jet lagged baby (not to mention yourself), and are also not around to contribute to any final wedding-disaster averting, you are, in fact, an arsehole.

Maybe that’s the universe saying; ‘sure, you’ve got our support, but don’t go getting too cocky. And always remember where you came from. Even if you came from a baby sitting weirdly on an oversized chair’.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it all…

Speaking of reading…you’ll all be able to peruse the new website soon. And do so from the comfort of your smart phone, because it is going to be smart phone compatible. Because we are so smart.

The garden got decimated by a flock of marauding cockatoos, so not much to report there except that cockatoos don’t like lemon thyme.

We’re opening up a bit for functions and private events which has been fun. Corporate events, a couple of weddings, some special-occasion birthdays and we’re looking forward to hosting our friend’s art exhibition later on this year. (Check out her instagram at @Jessika.Steiner)

More culture than a tub of yoghurt. That’s us.

Gregory still talks relentlessly of a second venue and I’m still holding it ransom until my list of demands is met.

They are…

1  An hour to myself at least 3 times a week.

2  Time to exercise. And yes, I suppose this can be combined with ransom point 1.

3  Time to take a dance class/singing lesson. Nothing like a bit of a tap dance or a good ol’ broadway show-tune to brighten up your day.

4  Better communication. As in, if you text to say you are on your way, but then get waylaid for OVER AN HOUR, please do let me know. Also, charge your phone.

5  Consider working less than 14 hour days 5 days a week, a ‘half day’ on the sixth day (9-5),  and negotiating deals with suppliers on our one day off. (This point is obviously going to be a looooong work in progress, and I am willing to refine my parameters, but he may find it a battle more fraught than the one being waged over this year’s budget).

6  And lastly, after you shower, pick up the bathmat and quit hanging your wet towel over the edge of the cot.

I do not think this list is unreasonable and he would do well not to negotiate and to simply agree.

Our staff continue to be amazing and while it will be the inmates running the asylum for the next few weeks, the two craziest of all won’t be around for a while to muck things up.

Cookbook manuscript for Murdoch was finished on time. (This is apparently atypical, but it is less about that and more that without a fixed time for something to be done, it would simply be added to the to-do list and picked at whenever children were self-sufficient, vac-pac machines weren’t breaking down, the housework was done and suppliers didn’t leave the milk out of the cool room all night long). The photo shoot begins upon our return, then design, layout, look and feel  and I imagine it will be like staging a musical. First you rehearse, then you get a costume, then lighting happens, then the orchestra arrives and then the curtain’s up and the public have their say. But it’s not coming out till 2015, so I’ll save my anxiety for closer to the date.

Yowza. I have just noticed the time. In less than twenty-two hours Team Llewellyn/Hart along with half my family, will be destroying people’s dreams of a peaceful plane trip to Ireland and it is remarkable how many obstacles have dived in my way just to really make me work for my holiday.

Things like…

  1. Discovering three huge ink stains on the back of my one good pair of jeans and spending the better part of an hour sponging them off with hairspray. Try it. It really works.
  2. Knowing I have an international adaptor somewhere in the house but not being able to find it. Of course.
  3. One texturally challenged 3.5 year old who wants to wear soft leggings, a non-itchy top and seamless socks and sandals to my brother’s wedding no matter what other outfits I throw her way. (I found them by the way. Seamless socks. But there aren’t anymore in all the land because I bought every pair in sight. Mornings are now one hurdle less than they were).
  4. Essential last minute appointments being 45 minutes late and requiring revisits tomorrow morning at 8 am for approximately two-four hours. You can already see how tomorrow is going to go can’t you.

But come what may we will be on that plane, I will then be drinking a gin and tonic and twenty eight hours later we will land in the emerald isle.

But I know everything will fall into place because today at one of my appointments, a man was telling a boring story about a documentary he watched on Ireland. As if that isn’t the universe telling me it approves of my holiday!

See you in a few weeks folks.

I hope the universe has goodness in store for you all too…!!

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  • Goosebump moment reading about that photo. Corporate events – love the sounds of that – will be in touch! And tell Greg, if he doesn’t knot it already, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Simple.

  • Ange says:

    I have been saving all of my student pennys to visit Hartsyard and the hilarity of this post has inspired me to be there within the week!