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By February 5, 2015 One Comment

Many moons ago, when the government first opened telecommunications up to competition, my parents ditched Telecom owing to their appalling customer service.

Well, my friends, I am here to tell you that things have changed.

This morning, as I was posting the previous blog (so it’s not like Telstra had time to get a tip-off) I got a call from someone at Telstra – an actual person with a real name (Diane) and a phone number I can actually call her back on. Amazing. A telecommunications company with a return phone number. Unheard of.

Together, we managed to locate an old telstra line from some previous tenants, she activated it immediately and is seeking to expedite internet installation by close of business Monday.

Miracles on Enmore Road people.

Believe it. It’s real.

Now to sit on hold with PUSS to try and cancel the order for the internet and phone that got installed at someone else’s business. That should be fun.

While I’m waiting you should be able to hear my cheer of joy clear across ol’ Sydney Town.


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