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By March 2, 2015 2 Comments


This is Erin’s bottom.

It’s a delightful bottom I agree, but i’m only going to use her first name, so any requests for bottom modelling must come through me first. Her manager. I only take 25%. 12.5% for each cheek.

I asked her to take a photo of herself wearing these jeans one last time before she donated them to our cause. You see, the lovely jeans encasing her even lovelier bottom are now encasing one of the stools at The Gretz.




When Ashley (our designer) suggested using denim, I knew this wouldn’t be something we would have to buy from a fabric store. Everyone owns a pair of jeans. And everyone owns a pair they know they should get rid of but don’t, generally for some sort of sentimental reason (jeans are funny like that) and I thought that maybe the decision to part with them would be easier if they knew their jeans would live on in a stool at our new bar.

So I emailed our lovely lenders to see if they wanted to donate a pair of jeans and clad their very own stool at our bar. Kind of like A Director’s Chair in a big old hollywood movie.

The lovely lenders are an extraordinary group of people who lent us their money to help finance the fit-out for The Gretz. It’s the same fundraising strategy we used for Hartsyard too.

Because basically, when a former musical theatre performer and a foreign chef walk into a bank and ask for a loan to open either a restaurant or a bar, the bank says no.

And so, with our hats in our hands, we asked our friends and family if they’d be willing to help us out.

The response was utterly humbling. To have so many people lend us their money – money they all only earned by working and saving hard – to have them believe in us enough to hand it over without once asking to see the budgets or projections was extraordinary.

Someone else’s faith in your idea is the most remarkable thing. 

It sort of validates the courage you stumped up to ask them in the first place. Our debt to these incredible people (many our age, parents and renters just like us) will last far beyond the repayment of their loan.

Erin is one of these people.

Thank you Erin, thank you to all the lovely lenders.

And just in case the schmaltz in this blog wasn’t already enough for you, I have just been told that my husband snuck in the pair of jeans that he wore on our first date 8 years ago next week.


Told you people were sentimental about jeans.

All credit for the perfect upholstering to Greg at Top Notch Upholstery

Lovely gent to work with, (he did the banquettes at Hartsyard too) excellent craftsmanship, delivers on time or early and very decently priced.

See you on a denim-clad stool soon!

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