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By March 5, 2015 5 Comments

It’s a bit of a slow leak I know, but I thought I should, in some formal capacity, let y’all know that The Gretz will be throwing open its doors to the public for the first time tomorrow from 4pm.

Hours are..

Friday 4pm- midnight

Saturday 12noon-midnight

Closed Sunday and Monday.

Next week and for every week thereafter…

Tuesday – Friday 4pm-midnight

Saturday 12noon-midnight.

We’ve been holding a few soft-openings the past couple of nights, with the guest list restricted to family and friends who don’t mind when the sparking water ticket prints to nowhere, I only fire one clam instead of 4, I still have to count which seat they’re sitting in by starting at position one, nobody can yet remember every single one of the 75 ingredients in the poaching broth for the prawn cocktail, (one of Gregory’s ‘simpler dishes’) and it’s a tad warm because the air conditioner won’t be installed until next Wednesday.

Hartsyard experienced a similar problem and we hired this totally ridiculous, utterly obscene air blowing contraption that looked like it belonged on the set of Space Balls. It came with a bonus 4 metre long tubing system that snaked along the length of one entire wall, through the hallway and out the back roller door. It was a hideous monstrosity that did nothing much more than increase the power bill to catastrophic proportions.

I couldn’t endure that again, so this time, on advice from the good people at Bunnings, I’ve gone with several common household fans, as industrial fans would ‘throw your guests out of their seats and slam them against the back wall.’

Handy advice I thought.

We’d rather you’d stay and get slammed at the bar which is staffed with an incredible bunch of lovely and super talented people, the beer lines are filled with a bunch of delicious local beers, the wine list has been curated with flavour, seafood and approachability in mind and the snacks coming out of the kitchen are tasty indeed.

Give us tonight to iron out a few more kinks, but we’d be delighted if you’d join us for our opening weekend.


Here we go….






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  • Megan says:

    Sorry if I’m missing something super obvious, but what’s the actual address on Enmore Road?

    • Hartsyard says:

      No Megan, you’re not missing anything at all, I’m pretty hopeless with details at the moment. Sorry about that. We would be delighted if you joined us at 125 Enmore Road!! Have a great day!

  • Sheena says:

    When you say “kinks” are you talking about me and sue 😉

    Bring on my cocktail lady – gosh knows I need one

  • Melissa says:

    Hi, I was wanting to book for 14 people at The Gretz on the 1st of May. Is that possible?