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By July 30, 2015 4 Comments

Tomorrow Gregory and I are signing our will.

I am aware this is something we should have attended to before we accumulated two children, two businesses and one cookbook to our names. But honestly, wills are dreadful because the very reason you’re doing it is to make formal plans in the event of the ABSOLUTE WORST CASE SCENARIO taking place.

The reason we are doing this right now is because next week we fly to Auckland leaving the girls with my parents, and I have started to freak out.

This is what has happened in my brain…

We’re going to Auckland.

It’s in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a foreign country.

What if a World War breaks out and they stop all international travel and I can’t get back to my babies?

Hang on, my eldest brother used to sail with a bunch of Kiwis, I’ll get one of them to sail me home.

Still, we should probably do a will just in case.

But who do we leave the girls to? Who would want them? Full time? Forever? WHO WILL LOVE THEM LIKE I DO? WAAAAAA. Can I just sign up my whole family and not tell them? I’m sure they can sort it out. It’s only the lives of the two most important people in my world.

This is why I need to be sent out for runs. It can be very exhausting inside my brains.

Crazy brains aside, we’re very excited to be going to Auckland, because Gregory has been asked to cook two dinners at Marvel Grill on August 4th and 5th for Auckland Good Food Month. They are taking me too which is very nice of them, although I’m not sure why, as it is well established that I cook only to keep people alive.

Regardless, in the spirit of true collaboration, I did offer my services to Gregory and he said; ‘oh thanks Sweets, maybe you could label things.’

I do seat the people well though, so perhaps they’ll give me that job. If you’re a native Auckland-er, or know those who are, let them know we’ll be in town and I’d be glad to show them to their seat.

Ferran Adria and his team of sommeliers have created a malt and wheat beer called Inedit Damm which Gregory and the crew from Marvel Grill will pair with some of the Greatest Hits from our cookbook, which you can now purchase right here in our online store, so you too can cook our greatest hits in the comfort of your very own home.

Do you like how I snuck that plug in? The publicist would be proud.

Of course, this jaunt OS has meant some serious attention to detail is required. For example, we both need clean clothes. And warm ones. Our passports must be current, the house must be organised with food inside the cupboards and milk in the fridge and the two small children we created should be cared for by someone, somehow the whole time. Which brings me back to the will. This morning I rang the lawyer and said; ‘listen. The part about custody of the kids is really stressing me out. Can we just list my entire family and let them sort it out after we’re gone?’

Thankfully, my family is like Kookaburras – we all help raise the young. Grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunties, cousins, godmothers and friends.

Take last week for example. Our fabulous manager Maddy was struck down with pneumonia and while she thought she’d be fine after 24 hours of rest, I thought she might need a few more than that and we placed her in involuntary quarantine for the entire week and I jumped in to hostess. I lined up my parents for the first 3 nights and roped in a girlfriend for the final two. Last time this friend had child-wrangled, there was only Q to wrangle and she had promised only to ‘stop her from lighting herself on fire.’ When you think about it, that’s not a bad place to start.

I did my best to remove as many land mines as possible – baths were done, pjs on, dinner prepared, puzzles laid out, nappies on hand, wine in fridge, books chosen and Guess Who ready.

What I didn’t think to do was have a quiet chat with Q about fleecing unsuspecting adults.

‘Ahhh…mum probably didn’t tell you, but sometimes she lets Edie and me sleep in the same bed.’

SLEEP IN THE SAME BED. A four year old bed hog and a 22 month old tornado.

You can imagine how that went.

Next week she’ll have four whole nights to cook-up outrageous scenarios.

What could possibly go wrong…


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  • Amy says:

    Good luck on your trip! There is an entire family on the other side of the world that would happily take them 🙂 count us in that will if you need. We are bigger and have more experience on such matters. 🙂
    Great to see all good things coming for you and Gregory. Love you.

    • Hartsyard says:

      Love right back! Thanks Amy, I hope all is going well for your tribe over there. Q and I were talking cousins tonight, she would really love to see you all sometime soon…if only we could get over there…Lots of love xx

  • John Tarr says:

    Hi Naomi
    In the article in the SMH last week you said you had found a good frozen Roti, where did you find it?

    • Hartsyard says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks for reading.
      Gregory ‘discovered’ them at Fuji Markets which are on the South end of King Street. They have all sorts of fabulous treasures in there actually. Good luck! Naomi