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By September 24, 2015 No Comments

I was flipping through one of my old note books the other day and came across a list with the title; WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW TO OPEN A RESTAURANT. Under it I had written this –

lease  (excellent start).


purveyors  (somewhat essential, yes)

budgets (not that I do them – Gregory does – but at least I knew we needed them)


garbage contracts  (odd thing to write, but essential nonetheless).

health insurance  (we were still living in the US at the time, the fight over there is real, man).



repairs  (that’s positive).

manual  (that no staff member will ever read. Ever).

First Aid

Superannuation  (this was during the GFC when Gregory’s employer stopped contributing to his retirement fund).

And then it ends. That’s it.

That was the end of my list.

With a list so thorough, there was no way we would ever be taken by surprise.

I do love a list. A to-do list, a pro and con list, a what-to-pack list. It is so satisfying when you cross something off. Gregory is forever writing lists for kitchen prep, but less inclined to do one for life admin. Every so often (like when he gets pulled over for a RBT and the policeman suggests he update the address on his licence lest he be fined $106), he’ll write one and set the bar nice and low by including things like ‘get up’ and ‘have breakfast’ just so he starts his day feeling great.

The problem with lists is, while they make sure you don’t forget your tooth brush when packing for a work trip, they don’t include the less tangible things you’ll need like stamina, a constant smiling face and the ability to drink as much alcohol as the pickled bar tender who’s showing you around their town.

I wrote plenty of lists for our wedding, but not a single one for being married, which lets face it, is a lot trickier than your wedding day. Ditto for when I moved to NYC. Yes, packing your tap shoes is essential, but having the right footwear will unfortunately be the least of the reasons you do or don’t get a job in musical theatre.

Up until this year, I’ve always used a paper diary to write my lists in which I’ve lugged about in my Mary Poppins style handbag that, if forced to, I could probably live out of for a good week or two. But this year I ditched the ink and joined 2015.

That is to say I started keeping lists on my phone. It’s handier, I’ll admit, and has certainly lightened the load in my bag, but it most definitely does not provide the same fulfillment as taking out a pen and crossing something off a list.

Except for this. This has been on the list for nearly two years. It started as a list in my head, progressed to paper in my diary, morphed onto my phone and now, satisfyingly, can finally be crossed off the list.


Read it again people, we have online gift certificates. No longer must you email/call/drop in/wait till we’re open/be told we’ll call you back when you call during the middle of service/leave your credit card details with us over the phone/wait till we reprint them because we’ve run out and no one can find the correct paper/receive it in the post then have to repost it to the person for whom it was intended.

Begone dark ages.

The future is here.

Hartsyard now offers you the innovative experience of ordering, purchasing and receiving your online gift certificate which, upon use in our restaurant, will be checked off on online and reconciled with the accounting system located deep in the annals of our enterprise.

This is the future people.


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