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By February 11, 2016 No Comments

A bit late, I know, but a very happy new year to you all. I hope it has started well for you and if any of you made New Year’s resolutions that you’re holding strong.

Me? I kept the bar nice and low and am aiming for less of a resolution and more of a concept – that I will find ways to make life slightly less exhausting than it was last year.

We kicked it off with our eldest daughter (The Mighty Quinn) heading off to school. They begin the year by taking what’s called a ‘best start exam’ which assesses their abilities and enables the teacher to know what they’re dealing with when 20 thoroughly bewildered 5 year-olds are left in their care for 6 hours a day 5 days a week. Q was taken off to her classroom with her teacher (a man she’d never met) and upon their swift return she buried her head in my lap and he looked at me and said; ‘well…it got better towards the end’.

That was the first time in her entire life she’d ever gone off alone with a complete stranger, so it was never going to inspire genius. I think it’s fairer to say she had an average start. But 8 days in, she hasn’t quit yet and better still, we haven’t been late! I’ll take that as a win.

Speaking of strange men, last week Gregory regaled the delightful staff at The Paper Cup in Stanmore with his latest conspiracy theory – that Michael Jackson and Latoya Jackson have never been seen in a photo together…because they are in fact the same person.

It’s important to remember that all Gregory’s theories are developed late at night and that no actual research is ever conducted into said theory.

As evidenced by my quick Google search titled ‘Michael Jackson and Latoya Jackson photo’.



The Hartsyard shop got a serious workout last December, thank you very much, and I’d like to make special mention of Mark, Lyla, Erin and Jase who bought their Hartsyard Gift Vouchers on Christmas morning, just in time to print them off and take them for Christmas Lunch.

What a beautiful thing is online shopping for those of us startled every year by loved one’s birthdays and special occasions.

As I type, the finishing touches are being applied to our fabulous new Hartsyard tables and I tell you people, your dining world is about to change. No more will we seat you and then promptly say; ‘pardon me. I’m not looking up your skirt, just shoving a wedge under the table leg so it no longer wobbles.’

Fabian at Reso & Co has designed these babies so that even though the floor is uneven, your table will not be. It’s a feat of engineering that can be badly explained by me, as there is a bit of room between the metal plates which allows them to move and adjust according to the level of the floor. Genius.




I stole this pic from their instagram account, (we’ll be taking shots of ours for our instagram account the second they hit the floor).

Gregory has commenced his annual ‘I’m going to exercise and diet and really going to stick at it this time’ campaign which happens every year around this time and so long as we don’t have a repeat of the great Apple Diet of 2010, I’m a supportive and encouraging wife. In fact he has just returned from a run so now it’s my turn. I’ve got to go and get back so he can get to the restaurant in time for service.

See you later people. Mama’s got miles to run!!






I look exactly like this. Nothing makes more sense than going for a run with your hair out.