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By March 23, 2017 No Comments

Hartsyard proudly belongs to the Newtown locals, a gang of Enmore and Newtown restaurants that band together once a year to run a stall at the Newtown Festival.

All profits made go straight to the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre. Last year we sent them a cheque for over $10K that helps fund a First Response Officer, who’s job it is to assist people escaping domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

We’re all pretty proud of that.

Coordinating that many hospo types is a complete logistical shit-show to be frank, (unless you’re Claire van Vuuren from Bloodwood, who whipped us all into shape like stiff peaks in a meringue), and as I was about 100 weeks pregnant with Kit it all passed in a bit of a blur. I do remember that our meetings happened either at Hartsyard or in the park, and we invariably had Edie the tornado along for the ride. At the restaurant she would cosy up next to Jake from Mary’s and tell him to stop swearing, and at the park, she would hassle poor Bonnie the dog, owned by Brendan from Sparrow and Vine.

Fortunately our offspring didn’t deter Brendan from being willing to work with us when Gregory hit him up to make a wine just for Hartsyard. You know, one of those natural, minimal-intervention, no additives, traceable from vine to glass wines that any self-respecting inner west restaurant has on their list.

He might not have tattoos and a beard, but apart from that, Brendan fits the bill. He’s one of those Guerrilla Wine Makers, working out of a winery in Marrickville, picking up fruit in the back of a go-get Ute and using equipment inherited from friends.

In fact, some of that inherited equipment came from a good mate of Brendan’s who isn’t around anymore, and the money he makes from selling us our Dirty Bird wines goes directly into a trust to support his two surviving daughters.

Now that’s a story worth drinking for.

Dirty Bird Furmint Orange Wine and Dirty Bird Field Blend Red Wine now on the list at Hartsyard.
Cheers Brendan, we’ll drink to that.