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We’ve launched a YouTube channel! It’s sort of like the inverse of Masterchef – instead of home cooks competing in a professional kitchen, it’s a professional chef cooking in his home kitchen. What this means is you get Gregory Llewellyn cooking the sorts of things he likes to eat. Simple. Filmed in his and Naomi’s home kitchen. The children’s bunnykins bowls may have even be used as measuring cups. Easy-going as Jamie, decadent as Nigella, and with a swear jar to rival Gordon’s.

So, what’s cooking? Covering different ground to the Hartsyard cookbook, Fried Chicken & Friends, the YouTube channel sees Gregory cook prawns in the dishwasher. For real. He prepares half-baked cookies “straight outta my dysfunctional childhood”. He makes the ultimate cheese toastie with cheese on the outside. He’ll fry up some lazy man’s doughnuts (for a lazy man’s figure), prepare chocolate nuts and the greatest, cheesiest mac & cheese. There are still many more to come.

There’s no trickery or CGI here (we don’t have the budget). All the recipes are super simple, quick and easy to follow. Subscribe today and you’ll never miss an episode!

How to cook salmon in a jar

Gregory from Hartsyard shows you how to poach salmon and make vegetable cream cheese flavoured with chartreuse to match.