Who is Hartsyard?

Hartsyard is owned and operated by husband/wife team Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart. The kitchen is Gregory’s domain, while Naomi runs Front of House with the help of their fabulous FOH team.

Theirs is a typical New York hospitality story. He was the chef. She was the hostess.

He asked her out, they dated in secret then announced their engagement and married shortly thereafter. A short secondment in sunny Santa Monica followed before they landed in Sydney in 2010.

Whilst sunning themselves in LA, they met and fell in love with, Ashley Couch, a friend who became their architect and designer for Gregory’s restaurant dream.

That dream is Hartsyard. An inner-city homestead built for comfort and conversation.

Gregory has always cooked according to the seasons; he’s also always been big on nose to tail and leaf to root cooking.

Hartsyard embodies this philosophy with virtually everything made in-house, from syrups for our sodas, sherbert for our cocktails through to breads, sauces and a garden supplying many of the more curious items Gregory uses in his dishes.

In addition to producing seriously tasty food to warm heart and belly Gregory has a passion not just for the garden element of homesteading but also addressing the way we consume.

Whether it’s Pork Belly, Gumbo sausage with confit chicken wings or Crispy Pig Tails the focus is on valuing it all.

Root to leaf. Nose to Tail.

Mostly though, Gregory cooks for feeling and taste. Good food makes good memories. It should be shared, savoured and enjoyed in fine company.

We hope that’s exactly what you do at Hartsyard.


Gregory started cooking when he was 15 and used to skateboard to the only restaurant in town – a little Italian joint in upstate New York. Gregory counts Daniel Boulud, Alain Ducasse and Andrew Carmellini as his mentors. He’s had his work showcased in Art Culinaire, received a review of ‘excellent’ from the New York Times and opened 14 restaurants along the east coast of America.

His last US gig was running the kitchens of boutique hotel Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, California before he followed his Aussie wife home and they planned Hartsyard. In 2013 he and the team were delighted to receive a hat in the SMH Good Food Guide Awards.

He loves baseball hats, converse sneakers and eating after 1am.


Naomi has earned her living as a duckling, a nun, a cow, a diva, a murderer, a whore and a dancing plate.

She was, of course, a performer in Musical theatre and spent most of her 20′s living in New York.

She also likes to write and has had her work appear in journals and on radio. She used to keep a blog, tries now to keep the restaurant blog but neither are as regular as she’d like.

Amongst it all, and far and away her greatest role is as mother to their two gals; the Mighty Quinn and Speedie Edie.