About Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart

Hartsyard is owned and operated by husband/wife team Gregory Llewellyn, a native New Yorker, and Naomi Hart, a Sydney local. They first met on the Upper East Side in early 2007. Theirs is a typical New York hospitality story. He was the chef. She was the hostess.

Fast forward 5 years to 2012 and, with the help of architect/designer friend Ashley Couch, Gregory’s restaurant dream was realised. That dream was Hartsyard. True to their history, the kitchen remained Gregory’s domain, while Naomi ran Front of House. These days those duties are juggled with the needs of raising three small children (Quinn, Edie and Kit) and their other ‘child’, a bar further up Enmore road called The Gretz.

Yet the focus at Hartsyard remains: Cooking with heart, from nose-to-tail and leaf-to-root. Sydney diners have welcomed Gregory’s fresh approach to the dishes of his homeland, balanced with a reverence for the humble vegetable.

No man is an island and no restaurant is either. Hartsyard exists within a community, both geographically and philosophically. This means banding together each year with a motley collection of fellow Newtown restaurateurs to form the Newtown Locals for the annual Newtown Festival, the profits of which are donated to the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre. It means Gregory fulfilling a role as an ambassador for Oz Harvest, the first perishable food rescue organisation in Australia. We have always believed in giving back and made a commitment to do so from the day we opened.

An inner-city homestead built for comfort and conversation.
We hope you enjoy.


Gregory started cooking when he was 15 and used to skateboard to the only restaurant in town – a little Italian joint in upstate New York. Gregory counts Daniel Boulud, Alain Ducasse and Andrew Carmellini as his mentors. He’s had his work showcased in Art Culinaire, received a review of ‘excellent’ from the New York Times and opened 14 restaurants along the east coast of America.

His last US gig was running the kitchens of boutique hotel Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, California before he followed his Aussie wife home and they planned Hartsyard.

These days, along with steering the culinary ship at both Hartsyard and The Gretz, Gregory moonlights as a restaurant consultant and his media and promotional work is all managed by One Management.

He still loves baseball hats, converse sneakers and eating after 1am.

Wish Bone Restaurant

Wish Bone is a fast service casual eatery located in the vibrant inner west precinct in Sydney, Australia. Our speciality is fried chicken by award winning chef and co-owner Gregory Llewellyn, along with a range of sumptuous sides including mac and cheese, coleslaw, pickles and our own version of Canadian poutine. Complimenting the food is a range of carefully selected wines, beers and cocktails.