Currently we live in a very small, but very lovely one bedroom apartment. With three of us living here, you can imagine it’s rather close quarters. Our living room for example, holds (among other things) my grandfather’s writing desk, the Q corner complete with blackboard, small table and chairs, crocodile xylophone and a replica Sydney […]

Following yesterday’s  news that we won’t be signing the official paperwork for the restaurant today as planned, today has lost some of its lustre. It also means I have no excuse for not doing the stack of boring jobs outlined on the ‘to-do’ list. I am convinced I get all the boring jobs, while Gregory swans around […]

Tomorrow was the day folks. We had a Q-sitter all organised, our bus tickets ready and a pen each in good working order. Tomorrow was the day we were going to sign over (everybody else’s) savings and begin the dream of Hartsyard. Tomorrow was the day we put sensible and secure aside…again and took a […]