It’s a bit of a slow leak I know, but I thought I should, in some formal capacity, let y’all know that The Gretz will be throwing open its doors to the public for the first time tomorrow from 4pm. Hours are.. Friday 4pm- midnight Saturday 12noon-midnight Closed Sunday and Monday. Next week and for every […]

This is Erin’s bottom. It’s a delightful bottom I agree, but i’m only going to use her first name, so any requests for bottom modelling must come through me first. Her manager. I only take 25%. 12.5% for each cheek. I asked her to take a photo of herself wearing these jeans one last time […]

‘Why hasn’t the bar opened yet?’ many lovely people asked me over the weekend while I worked at Hartsyard. I was a tad busy at the restaurant to answer your questions in full, so let me explain more completely here. One reason is the lack of the modern and commonly used device the internet. Those […]

‘What are we going to call this bar?’ Moaned Gregory one day a few weeks ago. For creative people, we really struggle with names – for the bar, for our book, for our children… It’s a serious matter, because typically (unless your kids ditch it the second they realise you named them LEGNA because it’s […]

Many moons ago, when the government first opened telecommunications up to competition, my parents ditched Telecom owing to their appalling customer service. Well, my friends, I am here to tell you that things have changed. This morning, as I was posting the previous blog (so it’s not like Telstra had time to get a tip-off) […]

‘Mama,’ said Q yesterday morning while we were having our breakfast, ‘what does fu%king fu#ked mean?’ She’s four, so that’s not ideal language, is it – she had overheard Gregory eloquently describing his frustrations with something. Had I known the day that was ahead of me, I would have ditched daycare and brought her with […]

After the gaol sentence that was living above the restaurant, Gregory, the girls and I moved to a lovely little house in a suburb that is honestly, probably a little too posh for the likes of us. We think the house agrees and has been trying to get us to move out for 18 months […]

I’ve been trying to write a blog for a while now, but things keep cropping up. Things like only working when your children sleep. What a dumb idea that is.Remind me to do something about that in the new year. And dinner. Have I whinged about that before? The next person to say to me; […]

When I was about six months pregnant with our first daughter, my mother set me up on a date. It’s not that she didn’t like my husband, at least, not that i’m aware of, (kidding, my mother and husband get on like peas and carrots). Anyway, she taught with someone who’s daughter was also pregnant […]