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I’ve always tried to do the right thing – pick up litter even if I didn’t drop it, bake things late into the night and decorate them in the wee small hours of the morning (even though I’m no good at either but it’s for the bake sale that’s raising money for my kids’ school), […]

2015 is playing out fast and furiously in the world of Llewellyn/Hart. We’ve had weddings, cookbook edits, openings of bars, childhood-home-selling, rental-house-needing-to-be-moving, relatives with serious illnesses, staff members on holidays, children going through ‘stages’ and then – shockingly – a sudden death in the family. I’m not confident white people have this mourning thing down. […]

I’ve been trying to write a blog for a while now, but things keep cropping up. Things like only working when your children sleep. What a dumb idea that is.Remind me to do something about that in the new year. And dinner. Have I whinged about that before? The next person to say to me; […]

A news bulletin from the office of Hartsyard… In just five short sleeps, Hartsyard will be throwing open its doors for our first ever charity dinner with all proceeds going to One Health Organisation’s Early Intervention Program with Redfern Locals, Gunawirra. Wahoo!!! Local talent Zackari Watt has offered to croon some tunes while you dine, the […]