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Q started year one last week and spent much of her time praying to Jesus she’d get a teacher with ‘kind eyes’. I did tell her that I sure hoped Jesus had more pressing matters to attend to than her year one class placement, but turns out she got the teacher with kind eyes which, […]

  This weekend just past we hosted at stall at Rootstock, a sustainable wine and food festival that also managed¬†to open the door on Aboriginal Agriculture to many of us who didn’t know much about it at all. Q worked the stall like a pro, Edie blasted about the place and cemented my wish for […]

‘What are we going to call this bar?’ Moaned Gregory one day a few weeks ago. For creative people, we really struggle with names – for the bar, for our book, for our children… It’s a serious matter, because typically (unless your kids ditch it the second they realise you named them LEGNA because it’s […]

Today is 4th of July which doesn’t mean much at all to us Aussies, but to the Yanks, it’s kind of a big deal. I was never in NYC for 4th of July celebrations as I was always out of town performing, which has given me a lovely national perspective on this important day. In […]

Welcome to this week’s edition of the not-quite-as-weekly-as-I’d-intended Hartsyard blog. I read somewhere that people reading blogs like things in point form because it’s easier for them to scan, and research has shown that for the majority of people, that’s exactly how they read blogs. By scanning. Suits me fine because I’m tired, so point […]

Oh, Spring in Sydney…the scent of jasmine on the still-cool breeze, longer days, the sudden penchant for frozen yoghurt…what’s not to love? And yet, even though I’ve been back since 2010 (and very happy to be here), this time of year always makes me miss that great city across the seas. Because as we move […]