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  This weekend just past we hosted at stall at Rootstock, a sustainable wine and food festival that also managed¬†to open the door on Aboriginal Agriculture to many of us who didn’t know much about it at all. Q worked the stall like a pro, Edie blasted about the place and cemented my wish for […]

Two years ago I went to my last yoga class before I gave birth to Edie. I recall writhing about on the mat aiming just to see my toes, since touching them had been lost to me about four months earlier. A couple of weeks ago I went back to yoga because while I can […]

It’s not a new term. And it’s certainly not the only profession that leaves the partner solo for extended periods of time. Theatre nurses, surgeons, deep sea fisherpeople, models, movie stars, emergency plumbers…all these people would also be away from their homes for long and unplanned periods of time. The trouble is, they always have […]

Many moons ago before pintagram and interest (what’s terrible about that phrase is that it wasn’t even deliberate), certainly before mobile phones (yes, there was a time when prospective beaus had to work for a date, and instead of just texting WNT 2 HANG, they had to use a land line and get through several […]