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The restaurant build-out begins!

By March 28, 2012 No Comments

Today was our first full day in the space, after a half day yesterday where Gregory vented his frustration over the past two weeks on an unsuspecting bar.

Gregory actually isn’t in the picture. Thats our builder and one of my brothers. But I am led to believe the boys were all manly men and grunted and sweated and ripped and destroyed late into the night. (I had sent out a desperate SOS to local friends and family and we  rewarded our fine helpers with Kebabs bought with the hundred bucks we found behind the fridge).

Some even felt the need to don a Viking Helmut.

Ashley (the designer) and I left the men to their manliness today, and went in search of lights and light fixtures.

Who knew lighting was such a complicated and controversial issue!

Edison, bayonet, LED, halogen, compact fluorescent, environmental, wattage versus lumens, warm light, soft light, incompatible bulbs…

I am beginning to think candles are the way to go.

So tomorrow we venture to yet more lighting stores, decide on the fabric for the banquet, order the chairs (it’s gonna be tight folks. There’s a high chance we could be ready to open yet people would have to sit on the floor) confirm paper for the menus and check, recheck and triple check the ever illusive budget.

I will find a sneaky few thousand in there somewhere, I just know it.