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The winner is… Terrace Roof!

By March 29, 2012 6 Comments

It was established very early on in this project that I am not a woman of accuracies. What’s a couple of centimetres here and there? Does it really matter if we shift things a little to the left? The other three stand there umming and ahhing, analysing and measuring. The builder even has this groovy machine that flashes about the space like a 1980′s blue light disco so we can see where everything is going to be.

According to our fantabulous designer, accuracy is rather crucial. Our builder seems to agree with her, and when it comes down the the budget, I’m persuaded to think they might be onto something. The other day we all sat around the table desperately trying to shave money off it as the realities of this refit come to light.

Don’t worry, we managed to keep the chairs.

But not the banquet…my beloved banquet. Well, not in it’s original design at least anyway. Largely because when Ashley walked into the space she discovered that I had completely forgotten to mention the really big lovely long wooden bench that was running along the very same wall we were planning on putting our banquet against.

Woooooa. Fate. Or just a total lack of accuracy.

Whatever. Given how the past two weeks of this sale have gone, I’d say we deserve a spot of good luck.

Yesterday we had decided on the colour palette. Today, combined with the shelving, the revised banquet and the ‘just out of the factory’ chair colour, the colours battled it out again.

I am pleased to report that the lighter of the two greys won the great colour battle. Except it’s not just called grey. I think it’s called ‘terrace roof’ or something. Who comes up with these paint names? I think it would be a lovely job.

And it doesn’t require accuracy.

Caption: Gregory used this toy today. Usually when someone had something important to say; That’s our lovely designer’s arm holding up the wood, sporting a few injuries from some different treatments. If they pick the blow torch method, I vote myself out.

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  • Nice! Saw a sneaky instagram of these earlier in the week – lovely idea!

  • Jane Ippoliti says:

    Awesome napkins!!! So wish we could be there to celebrate the opening !

    Congratulations !!!! I would savor every morsel of Gregory’s creations!!!YUM!

  • Warren says:

    Brilliant idea re: the napkins!

    Can’t wait for more pics of the restaurant up and running.

    Very excited for you and the team Naomi… Congratulations!

    We’ll be up there soon.

  • Hartsyard says:

    Ah, now that makes sense. They’re looking fab Julie, shall get some pics to you one day soon…