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A person’s shoes can really tell you things

By April 4, 2012 No Comments

You can always tell a serious discussion by the people’s stance. In the foreground we have our delightful builder’s feet, sensibly encased in steel-caped boots. To the right we have Gregory’s, evenly planted for a solid base of support. Dressed (as always) in one of his many Chuck Taylors. And the feet in the back, (in the split toe avatar shoes as Gregory calls them), are those of our wonderful designer Ash, who shortly thereafter hopped a plane back to our old stomping ground, NYC.

Hence the seriousness of the stance. They were all discussing how best to move forward now that Ashley will be on the other side of the world. Skype, viber and email, in case you’re wondering.

Perhaps it seems a little nuts to have engaged a designer who presents such a geographical challenge, but Ash is a very dear friend of ours, and out of all the decisions we made, asking Ash to help us was a total no-brainer.

She and Gregory have been dreaming up this restaurant for nearly 5 years now. A dream that began on the sunny shores of Venice Beach, continued through a chilly Brooklyn fall and was finally realised on the tail end of the wettest most pathetic Summer in Sydney’s history.

Throughout the design process we had weekly skype meetings where Ash linked out computer to hers so we were able to see the designs as she altered them, (she’s clever like that) and for the past two weeks she’s been onsite 7am to 7pm, adjusting, discussing, solving and altering as costs, time and materials became realities.

So no, it wasn’t nuts at all. In fact, it made perfect, utter sense. Our designer understood us, our idea, our menu and our concept, because she’d been helping develop it for years. She’s also rather talented which tends to sway a decision somewhat.

It was really sad to see her go today, but we’re all determined to find a way to get her back for the opening.

Caption: Notice the split in Ashley’s shoes? Designers are wacky like that.