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Childbirth and opening a restaurant. At least you can escape from one of them

By April 21, 2012 No Comments

Whenever I attempt a new activity, I console myself with the fact that I cannot possibly be the dumbest person in the universe ever to try it.

I hope.

It’s a fantastic way to operate. Suddenly you find yourself filled with confidence (false or otherwise it doesn’t really matter, the result is still the same), stamina and perseverence.

Surely someone with fewer brain cells than I has tried this, I think, and if they survived, why can’t I?

It’s a philosophy I’ve applied to basic activities like getting my licence, moving overseas, losing my virginity (how hard can that be, pardon the pun) but it also works for more complex tasks like getting married and childbirth. (The dumber you are the better with that one. It’s astounding to me that we’re not all like China – one child each. That shit is no joke).
And yet despite this bolstering, I still find myself having a good old fashioned meltdown at some point during the higher risk activities I’ve underrtaken in my life.
The good news is, if I wanted to, I can still walk away from said activity, unless of course it’s childbirth and then there ain’t no escape. Come hell or high water that baby is going to be evicted and as landlord you have no choice but to be involved in the proceedings.

And yesterday was the meltdown day for Gregory and I regarding the restaurant, as late last night we sat staring at the budget, desperately hoping we could get some figures to budge. And it’s not even that there is anything in particular to be concerned about right now, I suspect we just got the 4 week jitters and all of a sudden we were stressing about light fittings. (That being a topic deserving it’s own post entirely, so I won’t say more about it now).

It embarrasses me now that I realise it, but what we asked Tris and Ash to do within the timeframe and budget we have, is nigh on impossible.

It is a huge testament to them both that they didn’t just laugh in our faces, and not only are they managing to produce an absolutely incredible space for HY, they’re doing so with determination, meticulousness and (most importantly) great spirit.

We didn’t mean to push things as hard and tight as we are, it was just our ignorance and naivete leading the charge. And it is likely, that very same ignorance and naivete will get us across the finish line, because we’ve never done this before so if we don’t know how tough it’s going to be, there’s no good reason to stop.

(That is not strictly true. Gregory has opened 14 places back in the US, but always for another owner and he’s typically only in charge from the kitchen build-out and beyond. This is the first time he has been the owner (of the debt too of course) and he is building his space – quite literally – with his own hands from the ground up).

And so the moral to this modern day tale of budget, angst and bottom lines, is that with a good team behind you and no perspective in front of you, you are an unstoppable, formidable force.

So go forth and conquer. Take that job promotion, buy that plane ticket, sign that dotted line. There are plenty of others out there doing it, so why on earth shouldn’t your dream come true too?