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All through the ages, men will be men and women will just roll their eyes

By April 27, 2012 No Comments

Remember Kev? Well yesterday he returned to HY because the good people at Barangaroo had given him a rostered day off. I want a rostered day off, I think I’ll speak to my union…

It’s very lovely of Kev to spend his RDO helping HY get up and running, one imagines there are any number of more desirable activities than power hosing the leaky back area that’s going to become our greenhouse.

I suspect he’s so willing because when he and his mate Cill moved out here, our family outfitted their apartment with a lovely assortment of dead geriatric relatives’ china, a second hand bed from someone who had moved overseas, a bar fridge from a rich friend redoing their in-house bar and various linens so threadbare I suspect they should have become rags. And by family, I really mean my mother, who can’t bear to see waste, so stores everything in the attic at home so that when complete strangers move to her country, she can help them settle in with a second hand iron.

So really, if Kev owes anyone, it’s my mother, but Gregory and I will take his assistance and thank him on her behalf.

It was a manly day yesterday. Lots of blasting and drilling and smashing stuff. Cutting steel to protect on the edges of the bar and host stand. Some are going to be blackened, others rusted with hydrochloric acid and a sealer. Dangerous stuff that, not for the clumsy or…well, me really.

Oregon timber, barely sanded so as to feature their natural grains, being joined together to make the tables for the bar. They’re one of my favourite design elements so far.

Today is plumbing piping day.

Remember mechano sets? No one born later than 1980 would have a chance I’d imagine, but I remember spending many a rainy afternoon assembling creations that usually fell down because I have no natural instinct towards engineering.

That’s essentially what the boys are doing this afternoon. Putting together metres and metres of plumbing piping that will then be powder coated and mounted on the walls to form the support structures for our shelving. I’m really excited about it to be honest, but apparently I wasn’t welcome today.

I suspect putting it all together is going to be worse than an IKEA bookcase and anyone who’s been through that, knows that it’s an activity best divided amongst the sexes.

So I’ll let the boys be boys and I’ll get back to the women’s work…POS and accounting systems.

Oh, don’t you wish to be me.

Caption: Shut up you guys, I can’t hear myself think. Gregory in his Mickey Mouse ears, sanding back a support beam to restore it to its former glory. Boys with their toys…and facemasks. Tris protecting himself from dust and the first flu of the season. Those that stick together, stay together.