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Decanters, IMPOS and inappropriate bridesmaids. How do they all collide?

By May 9, 2012 No Comments

You are looking at 5 decanters sitting on the bench top in the house of one of my dearest friends. (Doesn’t it look like a shot from a Martha Stewart mag?)

The five decanters they got for their wedding.

Four more than they require, it seems, so they’re donating the rest to Hartsyard. Which is why I won’t disclose my friend’s name. I’d hate for her mother’s next door neighbour to discover they’d given her gift away.

I suppose that’s why people do shopping lists for their weddings, so disasters like this don’t occur.

I didn’t give them a decanter. I don’t think I gave them a gift at all if I recall correctly.

In my defence, I’d flown back from NYC just for the event, so my decanter fee had been incorporated into my flight costs. But I did give the guests a bit of a gift by rounding the corner as bridesmaid number two and flashing everyone when my dress blew open in the wind.

You can’t put a price on presents like that.

I met one of their guests the other day, in a small world situation that reminds you not to gossip and always to be nice to everyone.

It turns out that Josh, one of the Managers of IMPOS (the POS system we’re using) is this very friend’s cousin.

For the record, he doesn’t remember me flashing him at the wedding, which is nice and made things less awkward.

I did a bit of a shop around for POS systems as they’re vital and complicated and more expensive than a decanter, but I was quickly sold on IMPOS because of the efficiency of their system and particularly because of their customer service. (And this was before I realised I knew his cousin and could exploit the name-dropping advantage).

Josh and Mark are swift with a return call and email, thorough in their product knowledge and provide free coffee and muffins at the training. Which is key for a woman who is trying to open a restaurant, who is also a mother and who is averaging 5 hours a night sleep.

They devote a whole day to training, but kindly suggested i’d only need the morning.

Five and a bit hours later I was done and they felt so sorry for me, Rodrigo the lovely trainer, drove me home.

I’d mentioned previously in a blog that most all of the people involved in the making of HY, are friends, or friends of friends which has made the whole experience a lovely, organic, exploit everyone you know journey.

It also means Josh and IMPOS fit right in.

And yes, I did check. He and his wife gave them kitchen utensils, not a decanter.

That would have been more awkward than flashing 100 guests at a wedding.