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Whereabouts unknown

By June 3, 2012 No Comments

This time a week ago, we were recovering from our first night of service to the public. The public were absolutely delightful, it was our own nerves and anxieties that nearly did us in.

Worrying about the service, the finally-here chairs, the exploding lightbulbs, the gremlin in the POS system that randomly fires off cocktail orders, the hard-to-pronounce wines, the temperature of the bathrooms (it’s cold out there)… the list is never ending.

And so, come Sunday night, we all needed to blow off a bit of steam.

So we cracked the Moet, two bottles, gifts from Gregory’s family back in America.

That was enough only to wet our whistles, so our Korean Sous Chef (Sung) took us to his favourite Korean restaurant and ordered us all two beers each and twenty bottles of Soju.

Things went into a rapid and steep decline, and to protect the names and identities of our staff, I’ll only summarise the events that followed.

  • one staff member was picked up by the police. He still doesn’t know why.
  • one staff member lost her wallet and recovered it the next day at Marrickville Police Station. Some good Samaritan has some good karma coming their way.
  • another staff member went to her day job without sleeping, she did however, manage to change her clothes.
  • we lost another staff member then found her the next afternoon sleeping on the couch at another staff member’s house.
  • Gregory broke several household items on his way to the bed. (I’m allowed to dob him in, he’s my husband).
  • another staff member was so hungover he called in sick even though we’re not open on Mondays.
  • there was the obligatory staff hook-up which I’m sure we addressed somewhere in the staff manual, but Gregory and I can hardly get too heavy-handed about that now can we?
  • a server got on the train to head home and woke up halfway to Newcastle.
  • and my personal favourite… one of the team woke up the next morning to discover they had been reported ‘whereabouts unknown’ and had to present themselves to Kings Cross Police Station to prove that they do in fact, know where they are.

The staff are threatening to go out again after service tonight, so if my next post is a desperate plea for bail money, you’ll know why.

It’s been a hectic, intense, nerve-wracking, sleep-lacking, mother-guilt-inducing week, but we are loving it all the same.

Surround yourself with great staff, open the door to the locals, make sure there’s a steady supply of friend chicken and Andy’s peanut butter Sundae, get Cassie to make you a Hartsyard Manhattan before service and all can be right in your world.

Thanks for a great reception Enmore, we look forward to serving you for many years to come…