General Store

Hartsyard Frozen Hash Browns (8pcs)
Perfect for your home made breakfast next morning, all you need to do is to pan fried them!
Hartsyard Cultured Butter (100g)
This is perfect for you if you can't get enough to spread the rye bread with!
Hartsyard Rice Seasoning (Furikake) (100g)
Made from roasted kombu, toasted sesame, sunflower seeds, puff rice and yeast flakes. Sooooo good to add this to your rice, cooked vegetables and even pasta!
Hartsyard XO* (200g)
We know you love our xo sauce. Add this to your pasta or your fried rice! *contains shellfish
House Baked Rye Bread (1 loaf)
Double Chocolate Cookie Dough* (500g)
*Contains nuts. Makes 8-12 cookies depending the size you cut them into.